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Globally awarded specialist social enterprise for girls

Empowerment Space, Voice and Choice for girls aged 0 to 21.

Empowerment - Safeguarding - Prevention

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Delivering specialised support for girls. 
Doing it immediately, efficiently and effectively.

Thank you for visiting Girls Empowerment Initiative UK (GEI). We are a team of experts drawn from social work, community activism, legal, mental health and survivors turned leaders supporting empowerment of girls to reach their full potential. GEI targets all girls but especially those at risk or who have experienced harm (rape, child sexual exploitation, sexualisation, body shaming, domestic violence, harmful cultural and religious practices, and other forms of gender based violence) to achieve total healing, rehabilitation, justice, therapy and reintegration into families and society without prejudices, discrimination or experiencing further victimisation.  

The establishment of this effective Girl Child Empowerment Model with proven track record of empowering and protecting girls brings support passionately, immediately, efficiently and effectively and ensure girls have good mental health and achieving life developmental goals. 

Our Mission:
Empowerment | Protection | Safeguarding

Girls Empowerment Initiative UK (GEI) realises that girls have unique risks and vulnerabilities because of age and gender. The organisation therefore supports empowerment of girls in the home, school and community and ensures victims of child sexual exploitation, rape, harmful religious and cultural practices are supported to heal and reintegrate with families, schools and communities and live free of gender based violence.

Realising that some challenges girls face need holistic approach, GEI works closely with professionals and other organisations to ensure empowerment, safeguarding and prevention of risk on girls.  


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Our upcoming events:

Launch 7th October 2017 

Support For Every Young Woman

The GEI identified a big gap in the UK for girls needing a complete empowerment package, to allow them to transform from victims to leaders. Replicating an innovative and holistic empowerment support program that was developed over 20 years, we brought together consultants, social workers, psychologists, health workers, teachers, mentors, trainers, support workers and empowerment coaches, so that young women would have a one-stop-shop for all support services they could possibly need, to help them heal and, eventually, flourish once again. 
Our Girls Club
Support for young women

Growing With Our Community

Over the past 22 years, Girls Empowerment Initiative UK has become a well known support service for girls and young women throughout Essex and London. Due to demand for our services, we formalised our social enterprise in 2012, and have since gone on to change lives through our workshops and motivational speaking events, where inspirational women share their stories of resilience, empowerment and determination to achieve educational, career, life and leadership goals.  
Work With Us

Moving With The Times

GEI realises that times have changed, and 21st century technological advances mean new risks and challenges for girls. We encourage the responsible use of technology to protect girls from becoming victims of sexual assault or groomers. Girls will hear stories from those who - through technology - have fallen victim to abuse, either mental or physical, to help them gain an understanding of the necessity of total awareness surrounding the use of technology. 
The UN award winning innovative Girl Child Empowerment Model has saved thousands of girls' lives across the world, and has been piloted in the UK, proving very effective. GEI brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to replicate the Girl Child Empowerment Model, to benefit girls in Basildon, Essex and throughout London.

We Aim To Realise This Goal Through: 

  • The relief of physical and mental sicknesses of girls in distress due to abuse of any kind
  • The promotion of social inclusion among victims who have been socially isolated from society due to abuse
  • Raising public awareness of the issues affecting victims 
  • Providing workshops, forums, and general support in the form of Girls Empowerment Centres, and providing start-up incomes for basic needs like transport and food, as well as providing recreational facilities and educational and work opportunities for survivors
  • Providing support and activities, which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities, to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals

Success Stories

For over two decades we have a proven track record of positive outcomes for girls:
  • Reduced incidents of harm due to girls being empowered to detect harm and report even before it happens
  • Turning victims into leaders walking in the fullness of their potential
  • Preventing girls falling victim to harmful cultural practices by equipping them with confidence to seek out for help and support
  • Working in partnership to safeguard, prevent and protect and bring help immediately, effectively and efficiently 
  • Motivate, inspire and empower girls to pursue education and career
  • Justice with police, courts, churches and families 
  • Healing from trauma, distress and anxiety and restoring good mental health 
  • Safety and security 
  • Confidence building 
  • Emotional support and permanent friendships
  • One to one motivation to complete education
  • Reintegration into school, family and community 

We are committed to implementing policies on confidentiality, safeguarding, human rights, justice and equal as enshrined in national laws and policies.
All information we receive from girls, professionals and parents is handled in accordance to the Data Protection Act 2010. 

GEI Motto

GEI's motto is: Empowerment, Safeguarding and Prevention - Empowering Girls, Powering the Nation.
We believe that no one is born a victim, and that we are all born to be victorious.
Get in touch if you, or someone you know, could benefit from our services. 
Please don't hesitate to pick up the phone, we are here to help.
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